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Report a False Advertisement

To report suspected false advertisement or logo misuse, you will need to complete a claim form and submit it along with appropriate documentation to our office. Documentation may include Yellow Page advertisement, business card, print-out of a website or any other paperwork displaying misrepresentation by either an individual or a company.

Once received, it will be reviewed and a course of action will be determined. Please send as much info as you can, including the fraudulent company’s name, address, phone.

ISA Members

Most ISA memberships are individual memberships and promotional materials should include a person’s name or the 'ISA Member On Staff' logo. ISA membership is renewed on an annual basis, so the membership must be current. For proof of membership status, please request to see their membership card which includes their membership expiration date.

If you believe someone is falsely promoting themselves as a member of ISA or you have questions, contact ISA at or by phone at +1.217.355.9411.

Report a False Advertisment

ISA Certified Professionals

When displaying an ISA Certification logo, it is required to include the individual’s Certification ID number and name with the logo. It cannot appear as though the company is certified, it is an individual certification. ISA certification is renewed every three years, so the certification must be current. For proof of certification status, please request to see their certification ID card which includes their certification expiration date and their Certification ID number.

Certification may also be confirmed through the 'Verify an ISA Certification' service on the ISA website.

If you believe someone is falsely promoting themself as an ISA certified professional or you have questions, contact Anne Olmstead at or by phone at +1.217.355.9411 ext. 207.

Report a False Advertisement

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